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[bolger] Re: Canvas as sail material?

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  • David Beede
    Jack, I ve made a couple of sails of polytarp last summer. Yes, it is sewable and tape able. I used double stick fiberglass reinforced carpet tape with good
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 1, 2000
      I've made a couple of sails of polytarp last summer. Yes, it is
      sewable and tape able. I used double stick fiberglass reinforced carpet
      tape with good results. I used Jim Michalak's dart method of giving
      shape to my Wind Sprint type balanced lug sail 117 ft sq. I made this
      sail of a dark green poly and at least here in Florida it got so hot in
      the direct sun then it softened the glue on the tape and some corners
      started to lift. I went back and sewed all edges - so it's a bit of the
      belt & suspenders solution now. I've since acquired some white polytarp
      at a flea market that I've yet to try. I suspect the white will stay
      cooler and not need stitching. I'm also eager to try some Tyvek as the
      final product seems more sail like and less wrinkle prone, though that's
      just a guess. I think these inexpensive materials are a great way to
      learn about sail making. For 10 or 20 bucks and a few hours of enjoyable
      work you end up with a very service able sail. The low investment also
      encourages "tweaking" and endless experimentation... upsides and
      downsides to that of course....;-)

      Chuck Leinweber wrote:

      > >I'd be
      > > interested in knowing if people have taken the trouble to construct a
      > > carefully crafted sail from polytarp, tyvec, etc...multiple cambered
      > seams,
      > > multiple layered corners, and everything. Is it worth the trouble? Are
      > these
      > > materials sewable? Can you heat seal or glue them? Seems they could lend
      > > themselves to being a great way for the aspiring sail maker to learn the
      > > craft without wasting a lot of dacron and $$ in the process.
      > >
      > > jeb, not fooled for a minute by the tropically warm February weather on
      > the
      > > shores of Fundy
      > Jack:
      > Some polytarp sailmakers are creating shape by the simple process of making
      > darts in them. I have not made but one polytarp sail a number of years ago,
      > but will soon need another one for my Caprice. I plan to use this method.
      > Jim Michalak has written about this subject:
      > http://marina.fortunecity.com/breakwater/274/1998/1015/index.htm
      > Chuck Leinweber
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