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Re: storm petrel

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  • pseudospark
    My model doesn t show the doghouse. As it s drawn, it s designed to be lashed down. I m thinking of just a flat plate so that the stuff in the cabin can be
    Message 1 of 23 , Nov 30, 2003
      My model doesn't show the doghouse. As it's drawn, it's designed to
      be lashed down. I'm thinking of just a flat plate so that the stuff
      in the "cabin" can be kept dry and there would be plenty of
      sprawling space on deck. The Tent Cot could be kept in the hold when
      not in use.

      The reduced keel is not on the plans. I made up a basic sketch and
      Bolger added his comments to it.

      The plans are on 2 sheets with a number key set of instructions.
      Pretty complete. You start by assembling the deck upside down, add
      the frames, attach the sides, nail the bottom and the hull is done.
      All the woodwork is instant boat level.

      Steve H

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Nels" <arvent@h...> wrote:
      > It really is an accomplishment to design a boat with the apparent
      > capabilities and safety of Storm Petrel and only uses 8 sheets of
      > 3/8" plywood!
      > I notice the photos in the files show the doghouse as removable.
      > this to plan? Of course that way it could also be used as an open
      > boat with watertight hold. Is this where you got the idea to use
      > enclosed folding cot?
      > Is the modified keel shown in the plans? If not it would probably
      > quite similar to one for Chebacco version #2 illustrated on page
      > of BWAOM. I agree that the transom hung rudder makes the most
      > I am also assuming that the plans are number keyed and it
      > the same way as the other Instant boats. The biggest challenge may
      > the bevels in the chines and sheer clamps as they may not be
      > Looks like I will be ordering plans, since I am ordering the
      > Navigator supplement to my Micro plans:-)
      > Cheers, Nels
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