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I have not forgotten my Bolgerista friends

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  • John Cupp
    Hello to all Bolgeristas, I have been very busy doing tool reviews for boat-building friends. All of you fall into that category because Bolgeristas are even
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2003
      Hello to all Bolgeristas,

      I have been very busy doing tool reviews for boat-building friends.
      All of you fall into that category because Bolgeristas are even more
      passionate about their craft! I was able to test the new Briggs &
      Stratton 5 hp outboard motor on my Bolger Brick that is almost
      finished. I launched the boat before I had veneered the 1/2" plywood
      gussets to match the 5.2 mm Luan the majority of the Brick is made

      I covered the bottom of the brick with 5 oz. cloth coated with resin
      and copper. All of the trim wood on the Brick is red oak with the
      exception of the two seats made of yellow pine and birch mounts. All
      of this was mounted with epoxy, brass and silicone bronze screws.
      The two rub strips on the bottom were made of UHMW in 2"X 1"
      configuration with the 1" edge set against the bottom and the 2"
      protruding as a rub strip. These were sanded on the edge against the
      bottom with 36 grit sand paper to make surface that would allow the
      epoxy to adhere. I also used silicone adhesive around the screws I
      used to hold it tight while gluing. Those silicone bronze screws
      that I used were left in the UHMW and Luan for added security.

      I will wait until spring to finish the Brick because our daily highs
      have been only 30 degrees. I am still testing tools for Duckworks
      and I have a section of things you could put under any tree for
      Bolger Builders as well as other boats. This includes a line of
      Shark hand saws that use traditional Japanese pull saw steel to make
      extremely fine kerfs in the hardest of woods. They cut through the
      red oak like butter while making the Brick. In fact they were almost
      as fast as a jig saw and more pleasant.

      You should go to my column in Duckworks and view the pictures of my
      Brick in the Briggs & Stratton review. I am in the process of
      reviewing some 12" sliding compound miter saws that can make those
      compound miter joints much easier on our Bolger boats. In January I
      will be reviewing the new Delta X5 14" band saw with a 5 year
      warranty and the ability to resaw 12"X14" lumber. I know that some
      of the bigger Bolger boats could use a band saw for some of the cuts.

      I have missed the friendly banter in this group but my computer time
      is very limited since I started testing for Duckworks. I still have
      not had back surgery and I may test for an hour a day and spend four
      hours on my back trying to get better. My wife spends more time on
      the computer now, since I was hogging it pretty much. I have several
      more Bolger plans to build plus a canoe and kayak project with one
      plan from Platt Monfort and another from David Stimson for ultra
      lightweight boats. They will be in a series of articles in Duckworks
      that will show the construction and planning involved in building.

      My friends here on this Bolger forum have helped me immeasurably with
      my love of boating and pulled me through some very dark periods in my
      life. Without this computer(damn thing) and my fellow Bolgeristas I
      might have not made it. So here is a big THANK YOU that is much

      John Cupp,
      Bolgerista and passionate boat-builder
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