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RE: [bolger] Teal oars, etc.

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  • David Romasco
    Hmmmm.... Brent, I happen to like 8 ft oars for my 9 Welsford Sherpa; I think shorter oars make for a choppy stroke. 6 ft oars may be too short. A lot of
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30 3:15 PM
      Hmmmm.... Brent, I happen to like 8 ft oars for my 9' Welsford Sherpa; I
      think shorter oars make for a choppy stroke. 6 ft oars may be too short. A
      lot of people use them because that's all they can find locally. I'd
      suggest borrowing some pairs of oars of different lengths and finding out
      what suits you personally. Sorry to complicate what sounds like ought to be
      a cut-and-dried issue!

      Hardware: Jamestown Distributors. Gudgeons, shoulder bolts.... they even
      have real ringbolts! Prices are good and my service experience has been OK
      (disclaimer: don't work for them, don't even get a discount). ;-)

      David Romasco


      From: brent_wm [mailto:bminchey@...]
      Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 4:07 PM
      To: bolger@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [bolger] Teal oars, etc.

      I'm getting closer to finishing my Teal (if I can find some time to get back
      into the shop). Now that it looks like it will float, time to get some
      propulsion lined up.

      Digging through the archives I've learned that 7ft is too long for oars, but
      not what a good size would be. In my most frequent cruising grounds (East
      Tennessee) I'll have to rely on them quite a bit, so I'd rather optimize
      them for use and worry about how to stow them when (if) the wind picks up.
      Six and a half? Six?

      Make or buy? I don't have a band saw (though I could buy a cheap one for
      the cost of a set of store-bought oars, I'd rather not clutter up the shop
      with more power tools). I found these two sets of instructions for

      Payson's http://www.instantboats.com/oarmaking.htm
      Michalak's http://marina.fortunecity.com/breakwater/274/2001/0215/

      Michalak's appealed to me more for some reason (maybe that the pattern
      dimensions are detailed), but of course they'd have to be modified if seven
      feet isn't what I want. Any advice, recommendations?

      Also ready to round up some hardware. Any sources for the elusive strap
      gudgeons? A favorite place to find oarlocks, shouldered eyebolts, etc?


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