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[bolger] Re: Building Boats

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  • GHC
    Excellent! I ll bet most are 15 footers - mine are. I have a friend building a 56 powerboat to 2 standards - most impressive, every single, hidden
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 1999
      Excellent! I'll bet most are 15 footers - mine are. I have a friend
      building a 56' powerboat to 2' standards - most impressive, every single,
      hidden detail...

      Gregg Carlson

      At 10:18 AM 7/20/99 +1200, you wrote:
      >Micheal Wrote:
      >>I also found
      >>that the little imperfections I see while working on her are not
      >>apparent if you step back a few feet.
      >>I'm very pleased with the Tortoise which looks great despite the quick
      >>paint job
      >John Welsford, a New Zealand designer of small boats (including a modified
      Glouschester Gull that I built) who says he has been inspired by PCB
      proposed the following system:
      >500mm (2' ) boats: Boats built to this standard are prefect in every
      detail when veiwed from a distance of 2' i.e. in close examination one
      can't see any flaws.
      >5.0m (15' ) boats: These boats look good if you stand back a little. the
      sheer is right, detailing correct and they will please the designer and
      anyone who uses them. The builder may feel that he/she could have done
      better but there's always next time. My boats fall into this category and
      I fear I will never be able to produce a 500mm boat!!
      >50.0m (150' ) boats: These arn't improved by distance, the designer will
      disown the builder, and no-one will want to use the boat. I have to admit
      I have built a boat to this standard ( once, a long time ago, luckily a
      lady wanted a garden planter and I was able to quit it ).
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