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Bolger Brick and Duckworks Jointability Article

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  • John Cupp
    I put the title in but it never posted. John ... just ... copper. ... to ... Before ... just ... can ... how ... the ... find ... & ... a ... cut ... most ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2003
      I put the title in but it never posted.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "John Cupp" <john@k...> wrote:
      > Hi to all the group and my update for the group. My wife and I
      > laid the bottom on our brick using the plastic sheeting and
      > What a bright finish the copper provides but there are things not
      > do. After buying the sheeting at my local wall mart I let it sit in
      > my metal shop. The first part of the roll developed wrinkles.
      > you use it you have to let it set out flat to get the wrinkled part
      > out.
      > You need to also use a roller to smooth out the air bubbles. I
      > used regular fiberglass plastic paddles but I have come to the
      > conclusion that a roller is a better tool. finally the finish you
      > get will be ultra smooth and bright. It fairs out much better than
      > the standard method and you get the best finish in the world. I
      > attest to the fact that a copper bottom beautifies your boat but
      > often do you look under the boat?
      > Now to the JointAbility article at Duckworks. I had the tool for 4
      > months and now it seems that making scarph joints has become much
      > easier than ever before. If you even think you might build a boat
      > longer than eight feet please read the article. You can also get
      > information packet from http://www.rbiwoodtools.com/ and you'll
      > this tool indispensable. Just to let you know I have a series of
      > before the holidays articles I'm doing that include the new Briggs
      > Stratton outboard I've been testing, Japanese saws by Shark Saws, A
      > new adjustable slot tool that adjusts from 1/4" to 1/2" by turning
      > dial. The new Freud no sand blades that polish the wood as they
      > and a comprehensive multiple wood planer article that tests the
      > popular brands and I'll tell you how they performed in my shop.
      > many others so you can let your significant other know what to put
      > under the tree this year to make your boat building more
      > That's all for now, so in a few weeks I'll tell you how my bow roof
      > shed is being built and the Bolger Zephyr. I am going to put a
      > cutter rig on it instead of the lateen sail that is standard.
      > Have fun,
      > John Cupp
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