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RE: [bolger] hp, hull, etc.

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  • David Romasco
    Generally speaking, my first impression that my 6 hp Seagull needs fuel is when it simply quits, solving the engine off issue. The tank is, I think,
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 29, 2003
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      Generally speaking, my first impression that my 6 hp Seagull needs fuel is
      when it simply quits, solving the 'engine off' issue. The tank is, I think,
      designed to carry just enough fuel to last just past the point where you're
      still wondering about capacity..

      And regarding reliability, Seagulls are loud, smoky, leaky, rattling pieces
      of pre-WWII technology; BUT... by the same token, they're so rat-simple that
      it's easy work to put them right when something gets out of whack. Know
      your engine, and have a source of parts (there's a fellow in Canada that's
      worth knowing).

      HJ, that must've been one helluva day!

      David Romasco

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      You want to shut the motor off before refueling, if you spill while it
      is running it will catch fire, the residue from the fire extinguisher
      you use to put the fire out will get in the fuel tank through the open
      cap through which you were pouring the fuel when it caught fire. This
      residue will make the engine quit just when a tug and barge wants to
      share the small channel you were motoring down. I know all this for a fact.


      > Otherwise, and
      >this'll grab you, I'm sort of wonkers over Seagulls although haven't
      >yet found one offered that is 6hp (about 56 lbs.). I presume one
      >assumes a hunched position over the Seagull, continuously
      >refueling.... That would be fun wouldn't it?

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