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Re: [bolger] Re: Teal travails

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  • Peter Page
    Do you want a lend of a rifle? ... ... Peter Page Aorta P.O. Box 418 Emerald 3782 Victoria, Australia [Non-text portions of this message have been
    Message 1 of 3 , May 18 11:52 PM
      Do you want a lend of a rifle?
      On Monday, May 19, 2003, at 10:46 AM, choochawaga wrote:

      > Hi Peter,
      > I would love to post photos but my new dog ate my camera and my cell
      > phone and all of my 50 year old plants and a rug and my wallet and my
      > curtin rod holders and 3 dozen dust mast and one and a half paint
      > brushes and a glass commemerative Christmas Ball that she unpackaged
      > from the box it never had come out of before and and and and and...I
      > the only functioning camera I have is the one on computer and in
      > order to get my boat in front of it before I launch I'll have to dig
      > a hole out of the basement to get it down here in front of the
      > camera..................
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Lenihan" <ellengaest@b...>
      > wrote:
      > > Chooch...,
      > >
      > >        No need to fuss so much over such a fine little boat.Didn't
      > > you say you had that "little green book" called Instant Boats? Teal
      > > is the star of that book and in my old copy,at least,there are lots
      > > of detailed black and white photos and Paysons no-non-sense text to
      > > guide the first time builder.Payson knows what he is talking about.
      > I
      > > even used it to help build my Surf!( and just to put your mind to
      > > rest,at that time I had bought ALL my wood at a Canadian Tire
      > store!!
      > > Yikes! and the boat lasted for years......)
      > > Fiberglass and epoxy will make the boat just that much more durable
      > > over the long haul,provided it is done right. It is not necessary
      > to
      > > build the boat this way.
      > >        However,since you have apparently started that route,do not
      > > over do it. The Payson glass butt joint is VERY strong. On a 31
      > > footer I am building,Bolger calls for just 2 over lapping layers of
      > > glass and epoxy to join 1/2" panels of 4' X 8' plywood. One test
      > > panel I made up only had one layer of glass and guess what......it
      > is
      > > virtually as strong/stiff as the 1/2" panels it is joining.
      > >        Re-read the book and plans and proceed with confidence that
      > > you will make some errors.These will be learning blocks which will
      > > serve you well on your next project etc....
      > >       Your Teal will not sink,explode or go crazy on you.It will
      > > behave just like the small boat it is and give you a ton of joy all
      > > out of proportion to the effort you invest in building her.
      > >       Like that silly ad for sneakers used to say"Just Do It!"
      > > And finally, you have to post pictures....please....and do it soon
      > > before you launch!!!!
      > >
      > >                                              Sincerely,
      > > Peter Lenihan,recalling the lonely days building my Surf before the
      > > advent of the internet in a dark smelly garage with not a
      > boatbuilder
      > > in sight for miles,along the shores of the St.Lawrence.........
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      Peter Page
      P.O. Box 418 Emerald 3782
      Victoria, Australia

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