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  • Ron Magen
    Don, First, I don t think Pointy was designed for , Heavy work, crab pots, etc. . . . She is actually . . . Pointy . . . For a tender that will be on a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2003
      First, I don't think 'Pointy' was designed for , "Heavy work, crab pots,
      etc. . . ". She is actually . . . 'Pointy' . . .

      For a 'tender' that will be on a mooring, and just possibly towed, I'd
      elect a 'Nymph', or 'Rubens Nymph' if you want more load capacity and

      I've built a 'Rubens'. She only had a 1/4in ply bottom, yet with my full
      200lbs+, there was NOT a bit of 'oil canning' when I stood in her while
      she was slung between two sawhorses {as WIDE APART as possible}. A
      single 'coat' of 6oz.cloth will give tremendous protection and great
      strength in tension. WELL WORTH the relatively little extra bit of
      expense and building time.

      In all likelihood, I'll probably be building another, for myself. I just
      joined a local yacht club so I can get my 'projects' out of 'Joanne's
      Yard' and over to theirs . . . they also have a mooring field on the
      Delaware River. Although they have a 'Club tender', I'd rather have my
      own to 'leave on the hook' and waiting for my return.

      Regards & Good Luck,
      Ron Magen
      Backyard Boatshop

      Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:15:41 -0000
      From: "dbaldnz" <oink@...>
      Subject: Pointy Skiff - another question

      Musing about a tender for my Micro Navigator, on a mooring in quite
      choppy water at times,. . .

      The boat was designed for heavy work, crab pots and the like. Used as
      an underloaded tender, does anyone who has used one have any thoughts
      about a lighter bottom?
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