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Re: Pointy Skiff - another question

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  • dbaldnz
    Thanks for your comments Rick. I do really need it to be light. The dinghy locker rent costs a fortune, and even the owners of the boat yard don t recommend
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 6, 2003
      Thanks for your comments Rick.
      I do really need it to be light. The dinghy locker rent costs a
      fortune, and even the owners of the boat yard don't recommend
      chaining to the open racks. Vandels will reshape it.
      So that means cartopping.
      Maybe a few diagonal hit and miss strips of ply glued to the inside
      of the bottom? This seemed to work in racing dinghies where you
      stomp about.
      And probably epoxy taped chines without chine logs.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, sctree <sctree@d...> wrote:
      > Here's an uneducated guess from an owner/builde,r calm water
      rower, of a
      > Pointy Skiff.
      > Built as designed I bet Pointy Skiff will do good for you. I know
      > times every pound can count, and my guess is a 1/4" bottom would
      > maybe 8 or 10 pounds, but you will have two nearly flat areas
      aprox. 3'
      > x 2' that are unsupported. I wonder how careful you would need to
      be to
      > prevent putting your foot through that expanse if it were only
      > Maybe you could use removable duck boards? Handling her on shore
      > also be a concern, although I have at times had 1/4" ply that I've
      > was stronger than some of the crummy 3/8" around here..
      > You could add an additional skid or two to the bottom??
      > And if always underloaded you might get away with shaving an inch
      or so
      > off the sheer all the way around??????
      > Anyone else????????
      > Rick
      > dbaldnz wrote:
      > > Musing about a tender for my Micro Navigator, on a mooring in
      > > choppy water at times, the Pointy would perhaps make quite a
      > > and handy little tender. My Elegant Punt went missing, then found
      > > again on someones lawn. My wife said go get it. I said no.....it
      > > didnt prove up to the job, best left where it is.
      > > Wanting my tender to be as light as possible, I wondered about a
      > > 1/4" bottom instead of 3/8". The boat was designed for heavy
      > > crab pots and the like. Used as an underloaded tender, does
      > > who has used one have any thoughts about a lighter bottom?
      > > Thanks,
      > > DonB
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