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Re: [bolger] Bilge pump, wiring/voltage questions.

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  • sctree
    My two cents, base only on my experience; Batteries... I vehad good luck with gel batteries. Yes, I know they cost more and there are special charging
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 5, 2003
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      My two cents, base only on my experience;

      Batteries... I'vehad good luck with gel batteries. Yes, I know they cost
      more and there are special charging requirements, but .... they don't
      spill, leak, or fume, very nice as I assume you'll be living "in" the
      battery compartment. They are very tolerant of long term non-use, low
      temperature storage, and are vibration resistant. Very easy to stow away
      a second backup battery that you can swap out when the juice goes down.

      Wiring chase .. Are you building in pvc pipe chases? Cheap and neat.
      Make em much bigger dia. than you think you'll need. For gosh sakes used
      the tinned ancor marine grade wire, and marine grade adhesive-shrink
      waterproof terminals.

      Nav lights... You need port and starboard sidelights (or a combo) plus a
      stern light which should be low for sailing. AND a white masthead
      (steaming) light facing the forward 112.5 degrees, which does not have
      to be at the top of the mast, but it does need to be at least a meter (I
      think) above the sidelights for use when under power.. A sailboat under
      power IS a powerboat. The anchor light is another additional light.
      You could go with a masthead tricolor. Big bucks, wiring up the mast is
      tougher to do and maintain. Also, if you go out on the Bay at night
      you'll notice a tricolor on the masthead of a small boat does not stand
      out as well as deck mounted nav lights.....

      Anchor light... can be stowed below and hoisted on a halyard when
      necessary. Davis makes a nice low amp (0.074A) auto off in daylight
      "Mini Mega Light" with a 12v lighter plug. They claim a 1000 continuous
      hours on an 80Ah battery. Visible 2 nm, but not USCG approved as an
      official anchor light..

      As nice as solar sounds it's much easier and cheaper to take the battery
      home and charge it up. (Remember that non leaking, no-spill, non fuming,
      ok to lay it on it's side gel battery?)

      120volt and salt air/water is not a good combo. Don't you lose a lot of
      juice going through an inverter? How much light do you need in that
      cabin? And how big is that TV? There are small low draw 12v TV's out there.

      Bilge pump... Tough decision, you'd need something pretty big, with a
      dependable switch and a good battery that was mounted high to keep up
      with much of a hull breach, then how long would that battery last?. A
      small slow leak would just let water slosh around as there is not a sump
      area for the water to collect into. By the time she was down enough for
      the pump to do much, I'd think someone at the marina (or you if you were
      aboard) would notice... So, Idaknow...

      So much to decide............

      Good luck,


      Bruce Hallman wrote:

      > I am beginning to think through the wiring
      > for my Micro Navigator project, [Before I
      > cover up every wiring chase.]
      > As I plan on having the boat 'wired' for
      > comfort, two RV batteries, charged
      > with one (or two) 50 watt photovoltaic cells...
      > ...with an AC converter. So I can have a TV
      > for watching SF Giants games in McCovey Cove
      > waiting for the next Barry Bonds splash hit.
      > Pricing light fixtures, 110V florescent bulbs
      > and fixtures are cheaper by a factor of 10 than
      > the 12V florescent light fixtures. Would I be
      > nuts to have 110V lighting circuits in the boat?
      > Also, I am guessing that installing an automatic
      > bilge pump would be cheap insurance. Anyone
      > have ideas and suggestions about this?
      > As for navigation lights, I need port, starboard, stern light
      > and an anchor light on top of the main mast, right?
      > Does the stern light belong on top of the mizzen mast, or on an
      > independent light pole on the stern?
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