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Re: [bolger] Re: 75% Micro owner now!

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  • sctree
    Wow, one weekend and you ve got the keel poured, the hull built and you re working on deck beams : ) This boat is now in the right hands...It s begging for the
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 1, 2002
      Wow, one weekend and you've got the keel poured, the hull built and
      you're working on deck beams : )
      This boat is now in the right hands...It's begging for the Navigator
      Years ago I sailed on a friends Folkboat that he converted to chinese
      junk rig, lots of fun.

      Keep us all posted on your progress, and pics, we need pictures !!!!


      brucehallman wrote:

      > --- In bolger@y..., "John Cupp" <caj@k...> wrote:
      > > I hope you opt to make the changes
      > > for the Navigator...
      > Yes, I have decided to go with a
      > Navigator. The Navigator plans
      > presume that you are modifying
      > a standard Micro anyway. [As
      > they call for you to take your
      > dimensions from measurments from
      > the hull.] Plus, I am curious to
      > try a Chinese Gaff rig.
      > Ironically, Rennie had started
      > the hull as a Navigator, and then
      > after his dad got sick, he cut it
      > down to the standard Micro.
      > I spent yesterday working on a bunch of
      > tasks, the biggest being removing
      > and replacing portions of the keel backbone
      > strip, which was crooking by over an inch.
      > [I had to fix it, as a crooked keel seemed
      > like trouble.]
      > I also laminated the curved beam
      > that will support the aft end of
      > the forward deck. Hope to install that
      > beam today. Plus, I plan to remove
      > Rennie's transom and replace it with
      > the one that I had already built, as
      > I liked my motor mount board more than
      > his, [and he chose to put the boomkin
      > hole on the 'wrong' side, at least
      > according to my taste].
      > I also schemed up a way to calculate the
      > weight of my lead keel. Using a lever
      > arm, and my 200 lb body, & moving the
      > fulcrum to find the balance point, using
      > algebra, it calcs out at only 350 pounds,
      > versus the specified 400 lbs. As I
      > plan to have two lead/acid batteries
      > in the cabin, I am undecided whether to
      > add some weight to the keel.
      > > This boat was always destined for your
      > > use so you should name it with that in mind.
      > I am still favoring the name: "PCB's"
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