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Double Superbrick Scow, for the claustrophobic like me.

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  • John Cupp
    First I want to point out I m not an artist and I didn t get the sail plan right. I also was using a simple form of an old adobe sketch program on my wife s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2002
      First I want to point out I'm not an artist and I didn't get the
      sail plan right. I also was using a simple form of an old adobe
      sketch program on my wife's computer. What I did was attempt to show
      a brick with a twenty or thirty foot extension grafted into the
      center of a Superbrick that is like an old scow schooner. I also
      would double the beam of the Superbrick to 15'. Now the Superbrick is
      a nice boat but narrow. I can't use a deep draft boat where I live to
      get back into all the good places on Klamath lake. I also think that
      a scow is a great way to get room and still have a little speed.


      PB&F already have a 28'X 9'10" but it have very little cabin space
      and has lee boards. Some like lee boards and some don't I am
      impartial but with the proper device to lower and raise a center
      board made of 4" thick steel with angle iron welded on the leading
      and trailing edge it can make your ballast very low.

      I also know of a manufacturing plant in Carson Nevada that was owned
      by Omohundro that will sell carbon fiber masts and spars that have
      imperfections for pennies on the dollar. I bought one from the
      factory in 1998. With the advent of the thin UHMW that has its own
      adhesive a person could coat a carbon fiber mast so that rope or mast
      rings would not harm the surface of the mast. That means if you used
      light sail cloth the heeling moment would be drastically reduced.
      With some battens for sail shape free standing masts can bring the
      weight down even more with great performance.

      I made the head sail much larger but it would perform even better
      down wind. The slot effect of a larger headsail instead of twin head
      sails can make the apparent wind shift down wind farther. I have
      found that instead of sailing straight down wind that the big
      headsail will make the boat sail faster if you use a jibing pattern
      much like tacking upwind but not as deep as those who use a
      symmetrical spinnaker. I know in most any air the big headsail helps
      you point higher in most every boat without pinching.

      Inside the boat all sheeting lines would run into the cockpit that
      would sit on one side like the Illinois The Rudder is moved by cable
      so you can have a big wheel. I would have lots of reefing points and
      lazy jacks so my wife would not have to deal with that she could stay
      in the cabin and remain warm. The centerboard case would make a nice
      table base and with a fifteen foot beam a scow schooner is the
      forgotten luxury cruiser. I now have collected enough appliances to
      including a forced air furnace/heat pump that my wife would not mind
      my Walter Mitty indulgence of running down imaginary pirates or
      preparing to out flank the Spanish Armada. The small outboard puts a
      dampener on daydreams but is essential for exploring the hundreds of
      bays, inlets and canals on Klamath lake.

      I would still keep the bed in the bow as the masters quarters unlike
      many old sailing vessels but I would install a cutwater bow like the
      Bolger Watervan minus the boxed keel so at anchor the pounding or
      slap would be minimized. Just thoughts and I am not a naval architect
      but I decided that for a houseboat I want sail, solar and propane in
      that order of value. Plus a big smoker on deck to take care of the
      fish I catch. I want easy but not too slow. I want camping but not
      like I'm on a Carnival Cruise in one of those tiny cabins that you
      can't turn around in unless your wife is in the bed or shower. I also
      want a few hammocks and a hide-a-bed so people can visit but won't
      get too comfortable.

      I'm very sure PB&F could take all of this and make a very fine boat
      that will incorporate some of the mods I made and fix my many
      mistakes. It is just my idea of a perfect house boat/sailor that can
      do both reasonably well.

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