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[bolger] Re: Folding Schooner pipedreams

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  • GHC
    OK! Let s see the cartoon, at least! Gregg C.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2000
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      OK! Let's see the cartoon, at least!

      Gregg C.

      At 12:49 PM 1/27/2000 -0800, you wrote:
      >Dept. Confidential Tease:
      >Speaking of which, we have worked out the essentials of a somewhat
      >larger proposal along those lines, although the commission is still
      >hanging fire...
      >If realized, it might spoil various Schooner Meets.
      >Basic specs:
      >- Three-piece, electro-hydraulically folding to within 33' LOA
      >- Heavy double/triple-axle trailer plus big-block tractor-vehicle
      >- 62' LOA/29'11"folded
      >- 7'6" beam
      >- 1'6" draft up or 'unbolgeristic' 7'8" draft with 'board' down;
      >- 45-50% blast ratio;
      >- 1000+ feet of sail on schooner rig;
      >- four berths, mild galley, plus private head;
      >- 7000lbs gross displacement;
      >- 10'7" bridge-clearance on trailer = enmminently roadable for 'class
      >Sorry no drawings yet for publication. But it works 'on paper' at
      >One of the more serious trailerboats.
      >On a reach it might make some AMERICA's CUP boats wonder... NOT going
      >Make sure to post in big lettering the total cost of the exercise!
      >Then divide it by 'fun' and see who wins in the public's mind.
      >Likely total budget equal to that of a US journalist 'hanging out' in
      >NZ fo the whole event...
      >How do you spell 'syndicate'...
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