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[bolger] Re: collegiate racing, in schooners & otherwise

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  • Phillip Lea
    Peter, great idea! Instead of just a sailing race as you suggest, how about combine it with rowing or paddling -- call it the Open Watermens Races . Part
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2000
      Peter, great idea! Instead of just a sailing race as you suggest, how
      about combine it with rowing or paddling -- call it the "Open
      Watermens' Races". Part of each race must be under oar, paddle, or
      sweep, (skipper's and designer's discretion). The sail can not be set
      until after the first mark, and once set, oars must be shipped. All
      boats, spars, and oars/paddles/sweeps must be built of wood or wood
      products, no aluminum or carbon fiber allowed, but any type of
      construction, fastener or adhesive is allowed. Standing rigging is not
      allowed unless it's a line to hoist the sail, and if a halyard, may be
      secured anywhere but must not be moved once the sail is hoisted, and
      halyard secured. There would be two classes, round bottom and flat

      This would promote the design and construction of good, inexpensive,
      small wooden boats, and good seamanship (boatsmanship?). Something
      like this would seem to work well at a wooden boat festival. You
      organize this for the next festival in your area and my June bug and I
      are there.

      For the experienced folk out there, assuming a triangular course, and
      the first mark to weather was under oar, what Bolger design would do
      best? A Gypsy with a lug or sprit rig?

      Phil Lea, Russellville, Arkansas

      "peter vanderwaart" <pvander-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/bolger/?start=2087
      > Seth,
      > What univerity? When I was in college I sailed in a regatta "at UConn"
      > that was sailed in Noank - as close to Mystic as you could want. It
      > the first time I sailed a (Phil Rhodes-designed) Penguin. Several of
      > capsized in a squall that blew through the harbor during a race. It
      > quite a day.
      > I can imagine that undergraduates these days probably want 49'ers. I
      > have a book by E.I. Schock with complete plans for a plywood
      > 'intercollegiate dinghy,' somewhat similar to a Penguin, in fact. Very
      > feasible for your students, but probably not what they have in mind.
      > The real reason for my post is to suggest that if the
      > design/engineering of the boat were included as part of the contest,
      > you might get something going. Something like the concrete canoe
      > Strict controls on plywood/epoxy/fiberglass composite construction.
      > Undergraduate engineers are probably more interested in wing sails
      > schooner rigs, though.
      > There is so much racing that we lose sight of the fact that speed is
      > not the only quality that can the object of a contest. Perhaps some
      > kind of fishing contest???? In this day and age, an environmental
      > tie-in could be a help.
      > Peter
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