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Re: [bolger] Laminating Plywood

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  • thomas dalzell
    I don t see the speed side. You just spill a pile of epoxy on the ply, both sides, and spread it with a squeegee, you don t need fillers, and I would bag it,
    Message 1 of 37 , May 2, 2002
      I don't see the speed side. You just spill a pile of
      epoxy on the ply, both sides, and spread it with a
      squeegee, you don't need fillers, and I would bag it,
      no nails. Gorrilla glue would work too, but I don't
      see the advantage when one considers the requirement
      for moisture, and I think it is almost more likely to
      kick at the wrong time than epoxy. Construction
      adhessive would seem positively harder to spread. If
      you intend to mix epoxy with filler, just do it in a
      bucket with a metal mixing head. The right one even
      keeps down the dust. I think I got mine from
      fiberglast distributors.

      You can say it is never going to get wet, but
      realisticaly that water can get in anywhere with
      throughhulls, bad driving, or whatever...

      We seem in constant search on this site for ever more
      obscure ways of acheiving things. I understand that
      up to a point, particularly if one is fighting budget
      or allergies or something. But really, why not just
      stick to the plans for the most part (except for my
      bagging idea, now there is a really fine one...). If
      I ever bought one of these things from someone, I
      think I would just like to know it was 1088/WEST
      throughout, with standard details. I really don't
      want to have to deal with the fact that you used fish
      glue above the waterline, and corn pasta for fillets.

      Think you will never sell it? That's what i said to
      before Air Canada flew my ass into a tree on landing.

      --- Jeff Blunck <boatbuilding@...> wrote:


      On the Wyoming I will need to laminate three layers of
      1/2" plywood for the<BR>
      bottom.  I have done this before using epoxy
      slightly thickened and is<BR>
      probably an excellant way to do this but.......<BR>
      Mr. Bolger calls for a boat nail every square foot
      with a note that "two is<BR>
      even better" to help eliminate any
      "holidays" in the glue.  These nails
      in place so I'm thinking of saving lot's of time by
      using the polyurethane<BR>
      glues such as "Gorilla Glue"?  At 1/2
      ounce per square foot for these glues,<BR>
      no real cost savings but lot's of time.<BR>
      Maybe a good polyurethane construction adhesive will
      work too.  This glue<BR>
      will not be exposed to water so water proof is not a
      requirement, water<BR>
      resistant should be okay.<BR>
      I can't see a down side of this and the upside is the
      speed of assembly.<BR>


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    • thomas dalzell
      Why nail? just let the two plies float. Realisticaly we want some load sharing, and if you don t use glue, your nailing pattern might go from 1 centers to
      Message 37 of 37 , May 6, 2002
        Why nail? just let the two plies float. Realisticaly
        we want some load sharing, and if you don't use glue,
        your nailing pattern might go from 1' centers to 3"

        --- "Clyde S. Wisner" <clydewis@...> wrote:


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