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[bolger] Almost cutting bulkheads

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  • harding2@home.com
    Many thanks to all for the good advice about cutting bulkheads and working with routers and sabre saws. Hadn t thought of using tape or coating with expoxy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 1999
      Many thanks to all for the good advice about cutting bulkheads and
      working with routers and sabre saws. Hadn't thought of using tape or
      coating with expoxy first to minimize splintering. I am using a fine
      tooth Makita balde in the sabre saw that cuts very nicely and doesn't
      chew up the wood.

      What follows is I think a pretty typical day for the occassional boat
      builder of modest skills.

      On the way back from an out of town business trip stopped in at a
      woodworkers warehouse and bought a thin straight cutting bit and asked
      the salesman how to make a router compass. These stores are great
      around here and very patient with weekend carpenters like me. Fellow
      showed me how to take the base off the router and construct a compass
      and afix it to the router. Finished out my day and went downstairs
      after supper and cut out a 12" piece of luan. Traced the router base on
      it and drilled the appropriate holes. Got the whole rig assembled and
      tried it out on some scrap. Had an exciting moment when I tried
      pretending that the non plunging router was a plunging router. The
      router uncsrewed itself to its full depth. Shut it down in time. The
      next time I left the bit just barely exposed and held the luan up and
      let the whole rig down gently. Would have been much better if I had
      drilled a starter hole but it worked fine. Got a nice circle. Let the
      bit out more and cut the circle out with almost no chatter and no more
      splintering than from any other cut we have made. A few swipes with
      sandpaper and it was perfect. Thought about cutting out the holes on
      the bulkheads but decided to call it a night and wait until I was fresh
      to try something relatively finicky. Sat down and read the list and
      picked up a number of pointers that would have made for a far less
      exciting and entertaining evening. Best of all I read GHC's reminder
      that I might not want to cut the holes that big anyhow but wait and lay
      out deck plates. Took a look at the plans. This takes care of two of
      three circles that need to be cut. Had a lot of fun, was completely
      diverted from stress provoking thoughts for a while, made a really
      handy gadget, learned a great deal about boat carpentry in general and
      what upsets routers in particular and made no discernable progress on
      the boat. The boat is actually closer to being built. You just can't
      see it. Pretty typical day.
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