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Building Bolger boats

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  • brucehallman
    Here is something on-topic, if mundane... ===My Tortoise=== Yesterday evening, I took some white polytarp bought from... http://tarps.com/white.htm ...and
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      Here is something on-topic, if mundane...

      ===My Tortoise===

      Yesterday evening, I took some white polytarp bought from...
      ...and white duct tape bought at Ace Hardware and built a sail for my
      Tortoise. My yards are crooked, so I first layed them down with the
      concave face pointing towards the center of the sail and traced their
      lines with pencil.

      Then I took a red sharpie pen, and eyeballing a smooth curve, placed
      dots starting on the pencil line at the tack, curving outside the
      line towards "fat" 2 inches maximum at about the 40% point and then
      back across the pencil line towards about 1 inch "flat". Repeat for
      the other yard.

      The trailing edge of the sail, I reinforced with a strip of duct tape
      [actually two because I messed up]. I then cast a straight line and
      cut it with a razorblade curving inwards about 2 inches at the
      halfway point.

      I reinforced the edges against the yards with 5/16 nylon rope,
      fastened down with white duct tape following the red dots. I then
      took a razor blade and cut about 1 1/2" inch outside of the rope.
      This was folded over and taped with more duct tape.

      I then melted small holes at 10" spacing around two edges with my
      micro-torch soldering iron. I Poked nylon cable ties through the
      holes and around the yards and cinched them tight.

      I haven't mounted the mast, centerboard, or rudder yet, so I can't
      say how the sail performs, but holding it up to the wind it seems to
      have a decent shape. Nice and flat on the trailing edge and fullness
      in the center. In hindsight, curving the luff edge out and adding
      duct tape "battens" might be a worthwhile experiment.

      ===My Bastard Kotick===

      And, I took my bastard Kotick "learning experiment" for a dry run on
      the lawn for the first time last night. It fits my body snuggly, and
      getting in and out is a little tight on my shins, but once seated, it
      feels really fine. The shear lines are crooked when you eyeball them
      against the centerline, which bugs me, but I think the problem is
      cosmetic only. I haven't measured the total weight, but I can lift
      it with one arm.

      I think I will cut off and raise the coaming about an inch tonight,
      just for the heck of it... I am still "learning the hard way" with
      epoxy and glass, and am getting the feel of it a little better now.
      I like dealing with www.raka.com because they seem to be fair and

      I should be able finish sanding my double bladed paddle [which is a
      pretty thing] this weekend, and maybe start varnishing the top coat
      on everything, mixed with working on my income taxes.

      ===Resolution dream===
      I have been experimenting by writing some Visual Basic code to
      interpolate points from the table of offsets given at 3 foot stations
      to 1 foot centers "on a fair curve", just to see what shape each rib
      might be... [short of lofting the whole boat full size]. There ain't
      no green oak for sale in California, but green Douglas Fir is cheap
      and plentiful. I think you can steam bend Douglas Fir, and it might
      be fun to try...
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