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Re: [bolger] plywood edges (was storing panels)

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  • Ken Kongslie
    Vince I have never seen a dakota photo or drawing can you direct me to one? thanks ken
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 6, 2002
      I have never seen a dakota photo or drawing
      can you direct me to one?

      >From: Vince and Mary Ann Chew <vachew@...>
      >To: Bolger Group <bolger@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: Re: [bolger] plywood edges (was storing panels)
      >Date: Wed, Feb 6, 2002, 12:06 PM

      > Jeff,
      > The Dakota has a flat ceiling of 3/8" MDO. Above that are cambered
      > transverse beams about every 1/2 meter. There are also 4 rows of
      > fore-and-aft blocking between the beams plus a 1" x 6" centerline
      > fastening board notched into the tops of the beams. The 3/8" MDO cabin
      > roof sheets will be spliced into two long panels before placing them on
      > the boat. The top will be glassed with 9oz. cloth AFTER installation
      > (because I will have to use screws to pull the panels tight to the
      > cambered beams). There is a space (about 5" at the centerline) between
      > the ceiling and the roof which I will fill with foam after I finish
      > wiring since some wires will be in this space. The foam is for thermal
      > insulation as well as for flotation. (Obviously any flotation in the
      > roof is for a pretty desperate, last resort, situation).
      > I know that not only will a dinghy be carried on the roof, but likely
      > boathooks, push poles, fenders, lines, etc. will find their way onto the
      > roof now and then. When the boat is in locks or at some high docks, it
      > may be convenient to handle lines from on the cabin top. The cabin top
      > of Dakota, as I am building it, will be strong! I don't want to have any
      > concerns about stepping down onto it from a high dock or the side of a lock.
      > Vince
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