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[bolger] Wished it weren't so

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  • Phil Bolger and Friends
    Yes this is all unpleasant stuff. We wish things like this would not happen. When they do, reality check is usually of help. Chuck M., do assume the role of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2000
      Yes this is all unpleasant stuff. We wish things like this would not
      happen. When they do, reality check is usually of help. Chuck M., do
      assume the role of protector once again and please keep this stuff from
      interfering with our work and, worse, temporarily spoiling the
      atmosphere in this forum.

      - We wished we would not have to start out in this forum by having to
      state 'policy' and show the at times incongruously unpleasant side of
      this generally very pleasant boat-preoccupation of ours and yours. But
      this group deals with Bolger boats and related issues. When certain
      more or less serious issues come up, we must have a position. There
      have been enough examples of others assuming, presuming, etc. often to
      our detriment - and thus to the detriment of the work which this all
      about. "Bully-Pullpit for grievances"? No, it's more like public
      service announcements - which can be somewhat sobering:

      - When people sell our plans and go far beyond the already very
      generous boundaries of agreements and spirit in violating them, we
      finally must state the realities. If some feel uncomfortable about
      this, consider the losses in time, money, nerves, creativity these
      episodes have caused in this office. And for purposes of this forum,
      these are losses to you too.

      - If our position on altering designs, such as in Leo's case, get
      misrepresented on the web, we should tell you. We have no control -
      should not have either/wouldn't want to (!!) - over what people do to
      their boats for good or bad, but notes of caution are at times in
      order. See notes by Messrs. Fatchen, Wise, Scheuer

      - If people 'learn' from the LIGHT DORY and her two stretches and offer
      their own larger/wider/ whatever version, that's fine. But if it is a
      straight copy and sold without reference to Bolger, that interests us -
      not enough though to go into names.( We have a copy of a LIGHT DORY
      plan in cyrillic... Ditto for english BOBCATS etc. As a matter of
      chronology, matters are usually quite clear.
      Conrad Natzio is a comforting example of telling straight up-front
      that some types for instance are derivations of Bolger's, while
      deliniating other efforts of his as his own original work. Simple,
      friendly, not a 'meany' spirit to be found anywhere, and he has fun...

      - If Messrs Lenihan and Fatchen (AS-29 owner) notice 'cloning' we'll
      investigate and offer reality check. So far we've never had any reason
      to assume such obvious proceedings on that scale from any
      design-office; we hope there are no other! We 've always thought NO
      ONE WOULD WANT TO 'embrace' our work to that degree of intensity...
      And we've enjoyed TANTON's work and diversity, and have nothing
      negative to say about both person and work. But this 'close match' is
      just a bit much. And very very surprising from a successful
      design-practice. Sure, we were annoyed. We hope stuff like this goes
      no further than one episode.
      As many of you, who have wanted our opinion on other designers'
      work, have found out, it is policy not to comment on at least living
      ones much beyond conveying for instance some builders claim they could
      build 2-3 NYMPHs for one NUTSHELL - with NUTSHELL appealling more to
      conservative aesthetics, and successfully so. We just laid our hands
      on someone's commentary on our COL.H.H.HASLER 20'steel-circumnavigator
      and it shows why you don't want to do this, except for in personal
      confidential circumstances. Best policy is NOT to design boats of the
      type you don't like much - for whatever subjective and objective
      reasons; that should make the point more or less subtly.
      BADGER is an untypical case, as the Hill's book has generated -
      predictable so - many inquiries about our "TORTOISE-line of designs".
      Good, but it is BADGER that has made our fingers itch since day one and
      we finally, after many years, gave in and said it here recently... We
      are eager to see the Hill's next boat. Imagine what they will do with
      even greater capabilities...

      So Chuck, be in the forefront protecting all of us from mean spirits
      and other maladies spoiling our fun. Keep this stuff from happening
      and so away from our office and this forum. None of these 'grievances'
      were generated here, and like you, we can do without them. Apparently
      'wishing them away' does not quite work... We tried that.

      P.S. We've barely begun sulking about 'grievances' actually. There is
      some really chewy stuff - we won't torture you with. As someone just
      said "Enough" - we hope!
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