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Re: oceangoing with bolger

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  • ellengaestboatbuildingcom
    Great list of boats you ve got there Peter!Prancing Pony provided many a fine daydream for me until I saw Thomas Gilmers Blue Moon and Fenwick Williams
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 22, 2001
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      Great list of boats you've got there Peter!Prancing Pony provided many
      a fine daydream for me until I saw Thomas Gilmers Blue Moon and
      Fenwick Williams 24'yawl(aka Annie),that's when madness set in along
      with alot of wasted time..........
      Wolf Trap has been a constant reminder of just how stupid I was when I
      chose long ago not to take"shop" classes in welding.I dream of her
      outfitted with a pilothouse,a slightly shorter cockpit and built of
      steel,instead of aluminum,to charge through the ice up here.
      Red Zinger looks supremely elegant for a panel boat although I would
      look into building a more robust pilothouse on her.........
      Oh my,the memories you have stirred up! This is usually where I start
      wondering what it would be like if I were filthy,stinking rich with
      all the time in the world!No more sardine and garlic sandwiches for
      me!No sirree! And no more freezing temperatures either as I would
      re-locate a good ways south,close to the water and absolutely
      never-ever-grow-up.Oh the delirium and sweet madness of it all!!
      Thanks for the list!
      Peter Lenihan,looking for any excuse to put off Christmas
      shopping,from the shores of the St.Lawrence.............

      --- In bolger@y..., "pvanderwaart" <pvanderwaart@y...> wrote:
      > Now that I am home with my Bolger library, let me compile a list of
      > boats that would seem suitable for a group of five to take on a
      > moderately ambitious coastal passage, say Cape Ann to Monhegan, or
      > Montauk to Newport, Va. Many of these boats have 4 berths, but on a
      > long passage someone has to be on deck. I also assume that for a
      > custom built boat, interiors could be changed a little.
      > From "Small Boats," Prancing Pony and Nahant are probably tecnically
      > possible, but really too small.
      > From "The Folding Schooner:"
      > Black Gauntlet II and possibly the Economy Motor Sailer.
      > From "Different Boats":
      > Whaler Ketch (really too small), Romp, Manatee, Sweet Chariot,
      > WolfTrap, Shearwater (39' ft schooner, a good choice), Sedish
      > Cruiser, Solution 48, Bird of Dawning.
      > From "30-Odd Boats:"
      > Lion's Paw, Apogee, Hesperus, Titania, Tonweya. Also the Rose, if
      > your crew is large enough.
      > From "Boats With An Open Mind:"
      > Benergaria, Breakdown Schooner, Red Zinger, Volunteer, Advanced
      > Sharpie 29, Loose Moose, Ataraxia, Offshore Leeboarder (39', a very
      > good choice), Barn Owl.
      > From a quick look through just one stack of "Messing About In
      > 55' Keel Sharpie Live-on-board Concept, Baltic Sea Cruiser Racer,
      > Jack Hannah, 50' Fast Cruising Schooner, 65' Pinky Schooner (48'
      > alternate mentioned but not described), 48' Auxiliary Lugger.
      > My choice? Sweet Chariot has to rank high, and the Offshore
      > Leeboarder and the 50' Fast Cruising Schooner look very fine.
      > Peter
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