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[bolger] Re: The Sextant: Another great way to waste time!

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  • Ernie Murphy
    ... Were you sighting out at Montauk, right? ... Since you re a computer guy, go seek out a shareware program called Skymap I have an older
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 1999
      > Doing the computation and having it come up as "you are in Jersey
      > City, New Jersey," was every bit as satisfying as pulling the bow and
      > stern in on my teal, but can be done far more often!

      Were you sighting out at Montauk, right? <g>

      > Twilight sightings on stars/planets still have us baffled, but a noon
      > sighting is pretty darned easy, and the satisfaction of doing it once
      > was well worth the price of the instrument (a $32 Davis student
      > model.) From here on out, the rest is sauce for the goose.

      Since you're a computer guy, go seek out a shareware program called
      "Skymap" I have an older version I used when I did sights a few years
      back. You can set it to only show start above a certain magnitude and
      it then selects for the "navigation" stars. It displays a map of the
      sky as you see it, complete with planets. This way, since you already
      know the elevation of a star before hand, you have a much easier time
      "bringing it to the horizon" by setting the approximate angle into the

      Just for fun, go out 7-8 days before a full moon. You will have the sun
      one way, the moon the other and have all day to sight them. When both
      are plotted you should get just about a 90 degree cut in the LOP's and
      a very nice fix.

      > If you've ever been curious about it, don't be curious any more. You
      > don't need a $2000 Plath to get p.d.c. to where you are by looking at
      > the stars!

      Having used a fully Y2K compliant $2K sextant I can tell you nothing
      can beat it. Wonderful machinery. Too bad it was just a loaner.

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