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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Bruce: I can only tell you about the Tennessee, since I built one. It will cruise at 10 knots, but likes 7 better, and is much more economical there. This is
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 3, 2001

      I can only tell you about the Tennessee, since I built one. It will cruise
      at 10 knots, but likes 7 better, and is much more economical there. This is
      with a Honda 9.9 which got around 15 mpg at the lower speed. Unfortunately,
      the Tennessee does not come close to meeting your wish list. It has no
      standing headroom as designed, never mind a flying bridge.

      I think it would be possible to have a scaled up version in the 40 ft range
      that would meet your requirements. I guess the Dakota would be the closest
      to that. It is a nice looking boat. Vince Chew of this group is building

      The Champlain and the Topaz are somewhat more complicated in hull shape,
      thus not so easy to build. I am still amazed at the way that rockered
      Tennessee hull slipped through the water at full speed (14 mph) with almost
      no wake.

      Have you looked at Mark Abbema's sharpie?:


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      Thanks Chuck, I was aware of these sites and had studied the Dak in
      one of Phil's books. I guess I really was after the performance vs
      economy differences. All could be built to similar interior layouts.
      I hope I can resist the Aussie habit of "going up". But the view from
      a fly bridge is sooooo cool.

      What are the cruising speeds of the models with rocker in the hull? I
      know the flat bottoms are fast. But what economy and performance
      would you get with a 10 horse 4 stroke on the stern of each? How a
      25? How do they handle? What force of wind and wave can they take?

      I've sent off a snail mail to PB&F with these questions and my must
      have list for his recomendations.

      My wish list for a sharpie cruiser is:
      - a real double bed. My aging back needs my posturepeadic
      - a stand up head and separate shower
      - usable galley with propane fridge & stove, hot waater sink and
      - 10 Kts economical cruising speed with capability of more when needed
      - max beam of 8' for occasional trailer use.
      - enclosed, heatable cabin to extend Canada's short season
      - space for guests to sleep, probably in convertible dinette
      - sufficient lockers, storage and liquid capacity for extended calm
      water cruising
      - beachable, easy reboarding from the water.
      - easy to build, I'm a klutz, but the Gougeon Bros. love me.
      - handsome of course.

      Any comments that will sharpen my aim at one design or the other are

      Bruce Hector

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