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RE: [bolger] tool talk

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Harry and Thomas I happen to have this very same saw in my shop. I had noticed that the guides were metallic, so I thought Babbit . I checked the other day,
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2001
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      Harry and Thomas

      I happen to have this very same saw in my shop. I had noticed that the
      guides were metallic, so I thought "Babbit". I checked the other day, and
      it turns out that they are something very hard, like tool steel. Go figure.
      I bought this saw new, and these are the original guides.

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      How about Lignum Vitae? or other hard wood, melt on a
      little beeswax. There are also the ubiquitous cool
      blocks that a lot of stores sell. They haven't worn
      very well for me. They set back to the point where
      they aren't in hard contact, and then they last there
      for ever, which isn't very useful. There are the
      metal blocks with ball bearings mounted in them, and
      there are the Carter super-guides (they have a web
      site out there). I have the latter on my Laguna, and
      they work great, but are a little awkward, due to the
      fact they are a sort of patch fit. Make sure you can
      return them if the retrofit isn't perfect.

      I should add the first thing is to see whether your
      guides are in the same place when you raise and lower
      them. If not, then I would just use a simple block
      style guide, since they are very fast to adjust. The
      more complex guides are no bargain if they need to be
      reset all the time. Most have fine but slow
      adjustments. The same general caution applied to
      someone who is always switching blade sizes, you need
      very fast to set guides.

      --- "Harry W. James" <welshman@...> wrote:

      Bolger dudes<BR>
      Another tool question. I recently inherited my
      father's old 14" delta <BR>
      band saw. It is cast iron and HEAVY, I remember it
      from as far back as <BR>
      the early 50's, I suspect it is older. <BR>
      I need a recommendation for a basic band saw book,
      care, feeding, set<BR>
      up <BR>
      and easy tricks. <BR>
      On this list or maybe in MAIB there was a mention in
      the last year or<BR>
      so <BR>
      of the best material to use for the blade guide
      blocks. <BR>
      Kudos, by the way to Portercable/Delta. They still
      have the parts list <BR>
      for this saw, and sell parts for it. <BR>

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