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Re: [bolger] Digest Number 677 - Of Sawhorses & Gunwales

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  • Ron Magen
    Dennis, Since my working space is limited I have to frequently use exterior storage . I also store our 19 foot sailboat in the back drive over the winter
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      Since my 'working space' is limited I have to frequently use 'exterior
      storage'. I also store our 19 foot sailboat in the back drive over the
      winter (now joined by a 15-footer) so I have *some* experience in these

      A piece of carpet on a 'horse is a good idea as far as 'spreading the
      point load'. It isn't bad for long term storage either IF the contact
      area is HARD, and stays DRY. Both a bit difficult with paint & winter
      weather. Also the more, 'soft & fluffy' the carpet, the worse it is. All
      those fibers are more easily caught in the paint / frozen condensation.
      I have two suggestions - one fairly simple and the other a bit more

      Use some fairly flat ('low nap') Indoor / Outdoor carpeting - the stuff
      that looks & feels something like thick felt - on some long pads. Spread
      the contact area, not just at the top of the horse. WAX the hell out of
      the gunnels - and DON'T buff it off.

      2) DON'T store the boat upside down. Build a cradle to hold the hull,
      unless you have a trailer. Build a simple frame, use the mast
      (Featherwind is a sailboat ?) or a 'sistered' 2x (supported at the ends
      and in the middle) as a 'mainbeam') Then make 'half-hoops' from either
      thin wood slats or small diameter PVC pipe to go over the beam. Tie them
      to the main beam and down around the boat. They will look like ribs. Pad
      the ends of the main beam with old towels, or whatever. Get an
      inexpensive SILVER tarp (the ubiquitous blue ones shed like hell), pull
      it over, tie it down (NOT to tightly), and you'll have a nice, snug,
      'self-shedding' boat cover. May look like a 'Conestoga Wagon' but
      definitely does the job . . . lets you work on the boat during the
      winter, too !!

      Ron Magen
      Backyard Boatshop

      > Message: 8
      > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 15:06:06 -0000
      > From: PseudoDion3@...
      > Subject: Of Sawhorses and Gunwales
      > Hi, all. I have Inscrutable, the Carnell version of Featherwind,
      > upside down on sawhorses for winter storage. In order to protect the
      > gunwales, I tacked some old carpet on the sawhorses. However, this
      > has not worked out. The weight of the boat causes the gunwales to
      > stick to the carpet and when I lift the boat off of the horses, paint
      > and even wood inevitably peels off with it. AARRGH! What can I use to
      > protect the gunwales without slowly destroying the finish and the
      > wood?
      > Thanks,
      > Dennis Marshall
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