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Re: Confession time

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  • dbaldnz@yahoo.co.nz
    Pippo, there is a simpler way.....if you love the house, fix a ply bottom and rollers.....do the calcs, it wouldn t draw much...best of both worlds.......I
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 30, 2001
      Pippo, there is a simpler way.....if you love the house, fix a ply
      bottom and rollers.....do the calcs, it wouldn't draw much...best of
      both worlds.......I have an old Seagull you could have for power
      --- In bolger@y..., "Giuseppe 'Pippo' Bianco" <giuseppe.bianco@a...>
      > My dear Peter, you're right! When I was informed about the mooring
      > nearby, I still hadn't paid for the house, and I rushed there to
      > with the manager, who was swearing that the depth of the water was
      > always kept at 1 meter or more... Go figure... Everybody there
      > complains a lot about him , but that's it, he's the one with the
      > legal permission...
      > Another beauty you say. Well, it's difficult to find a boat which
      > compares to the Micro. I've narrowed down my analysis to the AS19,
      > the NIS 18 and the Tiki 21 (the latter being the less probable by
      > now).
      > There's an outsider, Ian Oughtred's Eun Na Mara, which is
      > beautiful in my opinion, possibly the most beautiful pocket cruiser
      > I've ever seen. But its draft is only 8cm less w.r.t. the Micro...
      > I've plans for the first two non Bolger boats, and I'm most
      > going to buy the 200$ AS19 plan package from PCB&F. I had to sell
      > photoelectric photometer in order not to have my better half
      > complaining too much...
      > Thanks anyway
      > Pippo
      > --- In bolger@y..., ellengaest@b... wrote:
      > > Hi Pippo!
      > > The essence of the problem appears to be this;you bought the
      > right
      > > beach house in the wrong location!It must come from all those
      > > of looking at the deeper regions of our universe while forgetting
      > > about things closer to home on our watery planet.Perhaps it is
      > too
      > > late to become a marine biologist! ;-)
      > > Just kidding,of course!
      > > Haven't any really practical suggestions to offer you,short of
      > > getting a dredge to make you a channel out to sea...... Then
      > again,you
      > > are in the somewhat enviable position of hunting down another
      > beauty
      > > to tug at your heart strings daily while your nights are kept
      > by
      > > some wonderful dreams!
      > > Happy hunting and pleasent dreams to you my friend!
      > > Sincerely,
      > > Peter Lenihan,chugging along through a ton of posts,on the rain
      > > threatened shores of the St.Lawrence.........
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