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Re: Bill's reply to "Corky" Sailing Inner Tube...

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  • James D. Satterfield
    Bill wrote ... as a child I fabricated a variety of sailing rigs and arrangements for innertubes and other unlikely boats . None of them had a leeboard or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2001
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      Bill wrote"

      >"Dead downwind only, as far as I can judge. Haven't seen or used a "Corky" but
      as a child I fabricated a variety of sailing rigs and arrangements for
      innertubes and other unlikely "boats". None of them had a leeboard or
      centerboard or keel, which "Corky" also seems to lack, and all were strictly
      downwind "capable".

      Bill, this is about what I thought would be the best that could be expected . I don't know if arms or
      legs could be used as "leeboards" enough to sail a beam, but I would doubt it. It should still provide
      the kids a lot of enjoyment.

      >"To be sure, I didn't expect anything more from my
      creations and my sails were remnants of discarded bedsheets attached to yards
      of scrap 2X4's, I never contrived a proper rudder and relied on a canoe
      paddle for all underwater functions, as well as propulsion upwind. To be
      sure, I had a great deal of fun and sense of accomplishment from my endeavors, (not to mention
      being out of my mother's hair for extended periods
      of time, which she surely must have appreciated), but I was working in
      isolation (i.e. no peers with better "boats" to show me up) and probably
      would have been unhappy and frustrated if I had to compare my efforts to
      those of someone more accomplished."
      You conjure up a lot of memories for me. We too tried to knock together numerous "boats" over the
      years. Cattle troughs would be better descriptions of them. :) I don't think we ever got any to float for
      long. I did whittle a lot of "boats" out of pine bark and have wonderful imaginary trips down the
      "rivers" which formed in the runoff from summer showers.

      I wish I had started boat building earlier...now I'll never have enough years left to build all I'd like to
      do. :)

      >"No Summer this year in MN,"

      Sorry about that. Come on down to GA...we'll have plenty of summer, and so far it looks as if there
      will be plenty of water for us...and perhaps the mosquitos as well.

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