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Re: Re; Tears in Paradise

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  • Giuseppe 'Pippo' Bianco
    I don t know whether PCB makes any money from Dynamite or CSD/CSB. However, I purchased 4 sets of PCB plans (Micro and Long Micro from CSD, Bobcat and Chebacco
    Message 1 of 4 , May 28, 2001
      I don't know whether PCB makes any money from Dynamite or CSD/CSB.
      However, I purchased 4 sets of PCB plans (Micro and Long Micro from
      CSD, Bobcat and Chebacco from Dynamite), the Bobcat book and two PCB
      books ("103 sailing rigs" and BWAOM), other then other books from
      Dynamite. By the way, when I bought the two Micro plans, I didn't
      even know that it would have been possible to get the plans from
      However, if you compare the above with a total of zero questions
      asked to the designer, it looks a pretty good deal...

      Best, Pippo

      --- In bolger@y..., "Samson Family" <Bill.Samson@t...> wrote:
      > Gee whiz! I've been trying to keep my keyboard silent on this
      issue -
      > biting my cyberlip, as you might say.
      > I think it is generally agreed among us (otherwise why would we be
      > that Phil is a great boat designer. Many (all?) of us have fallen
      in love
      > with one or more of his designs.
      > Unfortunately, he has become a cult figure, and we probably expect
      him to be
      > better than human in all respects ( - not just his boat designs).
      > Many of us ( - no names, no pack drill -) are cheapskates. F'r
      instance we
      > prefer to build from the dimensions in the books rather than pay the
      > relatively paltry sum he (or Dynamite) asks for the proper plans
      which DO
      > make life MUCH easier. Nevertheless, some of us expect him to be
      at our
      > beck and call whenever we encounter a glitch (arising from our own
      > stupidity, usually) while we're building! Now if he charged $20 a
      > consultancy for every glitch, I suspect his mailbox would contain
      little but
      > bills and junk-mail - Instead, we'd put on our thinking caps and
      sort out
      > the glitch for ourselves. Nevertheless, ask any consultant (any
      topic), and
      > you'll find that $20 would be a steal for us! For f***s sake - I
      have to
      > pay $50 to get a guy to come and look at my washing machine - never
      > fixing it! Is this guy a genius of the same caliber as Phil? Go
      > There have been veiled grumblings about "it wasn't like this before
      he got
      > married". Any wife worth her salt will look after her husband's
      > and point out to him when he's being pissed about (- at least MINE
      > And pissed about was what he was being, I guess.
      > There have been various books quoted (e.g. Annie Hill's "Voyaging
      on a Small
      > Income") to indicate that Phil doesn't mind people building from the
      > dimensions in his books. Annie DID offer to pay a royalty for the
      > she built from the book, and Phil declined graciously. How many of
      the rest
      > of us have made him a similar offer? If the cap fits . . .?
      > So come on guys. Phil has to make a living like the rest of us.
      > certainly worthy of his hire, so let's not be stingey.
      > Bill ( on his high horse )
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