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Re: Tears in paradise..........

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  • j.c.ewing@home.com
    We actually like hard FAX for a private channel as we like to touch paper and a written record of essential communication. This is what Suzanne wrote on
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      "We actually like 'hard FAX'for a 'private channel' as we like to
      touch paper and a written record of essential communication."

      This is what Suzanne wrote on PCB's behalf in message 3129 (Feb. 24,
      2000), found in the Group Archives. It was only after PCB&F stopped
      participating that I joined this Group but I have found it
      interesting with regard to CSD/CSB and such issues to look back at
      what Phil/Suzanne have had to say here. They are not always entirely
      coherent but, for other relative newbies, I suggest messages 1233,
      1250, 1375, 1659 and 1796. It was in the last listed that I found
      this intriguing (to me, at least) note by Suzanne:

      "...we can't afford 'office-help', and thus are fully involved in
      every aspect of this small design firm. Since Phil made an offer
      in '93 Susanne could not refuse, and Susanne saved Phil's life in '94
      (really!!), the bond has been strong, the work increasingly shared
      and everything private and business a 'two-some'. Clearly not
      everybody's cup of tea."

      Can anyone tell me how "Susanne saved Phil's life in '94"? Sounds
      like a good story.


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      > --- In bolger@y..., bgbeck55@y... wrote:
      > > It isn't Bolger himself being excoriated so much as the
      > business practices of Phil C. Bolger & Friends......
      > Sadly, the PCB&F versus CSB/CSD controversy puts us
      > bolgeristas in the same position as family friends during a bitter
      > divorce.
      > Years ago I purchased a set of Micro plans from the ad placed in
      > WoodenBoat by Elroe LaRow. Bernie Wolford answered my
      > request stating that he had taken over the operation. At that time,
      > the literature that accompanied the plans was written by LaRow.
      > I gained the impression from this material that LaRow had been
      > doing this because he loved the Micro, needed something do to
      > in retirement and was acting as a gatekeeper between PCB and
      > the (hopefully)myriad amateur builders who would buy the plans.
      > He didn't think he would get rich. I don't know what happened
      > between that time and the present but the gatekeeper is gone.
      > I suppose I should repeat here the fact that Harold Payson is still
      > a gatekeeper in good standing.
      > One ofthe boat designers (sorry, I can't remember which one)
      > flatly states on his website that he sells plans not boatbuilding
      > lessons. PCB&F are not so draconian. They are willing to give
      > advice on plans purchased through them albiet on their terms--
      > snailmail or FAX. Could be worse. In the past PCB didn't have a
      > FAX. Bolger is Bolger. Not he, his designs or his business
      > procedures are stamped out of a mold. That is part of their
      > peculiar charm.
      > As for Pippo and Chuck Leinweber, they ran up against that
      > damn divorce.
      > Vance
      > Enjoying a sunny spring day in Tucson. What is the pot life of
      > epoxy at 104 degrees Fahrenheit?
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