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almost ready for launching day!

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  • ellengaest@boatbuilding.com
    Hi Micrologists, Another fun-filled day out in the sun doing the spring fitting out chores on my MICRO.After yesterdays gentle pamperings,came the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2001
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      Hi Micrologists,
      Another fun-filled day out in the sun doing the spring fitting out
      chores on my MICRO.After yesterdays' gentle pamperings,came the
      cosmetics.Nothing like a fresh coat of paint and varnish to get the
      juices flowing in eager anticipation of another season on the
      river.Also,nothing like a swarm of marauding winged insects to test
      ones' patience either!I am not sure exactly what type of evil bugs
      these were but I did observe their nasty habit of being nowhere abouts
      while preparing the surface to paint and then,as if by magic,appearing
      right out of thin air the moment the painting or varnishing would
      At first,I was picking them off the fresh paint with the tip of a
      tongue depressor but it soon became evident that this was a fools game
      designed to drive me stark raving mad.It was only after I noticed how
      they would remain very still once they had alighted onto the wet paint
      that it occured to me that I could just leave them alone.With their
      spindly little legs and feet caught in the quickly drying paint,these
      little rotters would suffer for their impertinence!I shivered with
      glee at the thought of them attempting to become airborne,later this
      evening,to return home to warmer quarters.I can almost picture each
      one of them breaking out into a furious sweat as they beat their
      little transparent wings in vain.Aye,never again will they experience
      the once simple joy of flight,free to harrass innocent bystanders.Nor
      will they ever again experience the ecstasy of
      airborne-multiple-partner-copulation in the mating frenzy associated
      with spring.Happily,the boat yard is located far enough away from
      residences.That way no one will be kept up half the night with the
      screaming and whinning of a couple of hundred trapped little bast**ds!
      By late tomorrow afternoon,I expect to find nothing left of their
      presence other then the spent carcasses of this once proud swarm of
      paint sniffers.Any still found alive will be dealt a mercifully swift
      swipe of a paint-thinner-soaked rag which will forever remove their
      rotten little bodies,along with all those little foot prints,from my
      paint job.
      With a clean conscious,I expect to finish up the fitting out with
      a coat of anti-fouling paint and a return to water by Thursday
      Happy boating season to you all!!!!!
      Peter Lenihan,feeling just a wee bit evil,on the shores of the
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