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[bolger] Re: boat recommendations

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      << from a lines plan.
      I think their are a couple of possibilities that are none Bolger, heaven
      forbid, and the choice design that I just purchased. First, check out the
      website WWW.stevproj.com/pocketyachts.html, for the Weekended and Vacationer.
      These are interesting designs, I believe as easy to build as Bolger.
      Second, consider a smaller Wharram catamaran. If you take a couple of
      minutes to consider a small children and babies and their needs, catamarans
      seem like they are ideal. He has a 21' and a 26' that are both trailerable,
      fast, don't heel, rugged, and have up to four bunks in the womb like hulls.
      I have the address to Wharram if your interested. Third, I thing the ideal
      boat for my family is the Folding Schooner. It's 31' feet on the water,
      16.5' on the trailer, and fits in my garage. It is very stable on the water,
      its very fast, can be rigged to have a small shaded area/shelter. Has scads
      of room in both cockpits, will be a fun overnighter, and is not difficult to
      build. I just purchased a 99% complete one for $2200.00, minus sails. I
      hope to have it on the water within a couple of months. I could fax you a
      copy of the study plan I have if you are interested.

      Hope this helps,
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