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Re: Potter / my thumb hurts!

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  • porcupine@dmcom.net
    Merci, Peter, Thanks for reminding us why we re on this list. Gawd, I was actually thinking about buying some shapely piece of congealed snot instead of
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 26, 2001
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      Merci, Peter,

      Thanks for reminding us why we're on this list. Gawd, I was actually
      thinking about buying some shapely piece of congealed snot instead of
      building a Micro! Okay, it just lasted a minute, but....

      Btw, I did find a robin today, and I'm just 250 km. south of you, in
      the so-called "land-o-plenty". Unfortunately, the bird was frozen to


      porky galvin

      Wondering when all this snow will finally melt, high above the banks
      of the West Branch of the Delaware....

      --- In bolger@y..., ellengaest@b... wrote:
      > David,
      > Please capture the next robin you see,give it a stern talking
      > and send his sorry a*s up to Montréal!We are just about at wits end
      > with winter and to hear the happy horny warble of a robin or two
      > sure get the sap running..........
      > The quick fix which the used boat market appears to
      > offer,especially in the land-o-plenty just south of me,is just
      > that.With it comes no real pride of ownership resulting from ones
      > efforts in the creativity/skills department.Perhaps the only
      > singular act involved is when one signs his John Henry at the
      > of a $1000.00 check!After that,it is all down hill as one becomes
      > awash in a sea of look-a-like production boats that have little to
      > distinguish themselves from the next other then fading hull
      > colours.However,the exhilarating high that accompanies the
      > owner/builder on launching day is but the dénouement heureux in a
      > series of beautiful creative moments spent on the learning curve of
      > SELF.To be sure,the weeks,months and sometimes years that follow
      > launch are absolutely pregnant with new discoveries,adventures and
      > pleasures,not to mention schemes for perhaps another craft!With any
      > sort of luck along the way,we may also re-discover in ourselves,a
      > keener sense of quality and an appreciation for objects that no
      > machine can copy and a respect for things not so easily disposable.
      > On the other hand,perhaps life has just about sucked the
      > right out of some of us and re-defined it in a pre-packaged,handy
      > cheaply manufactured thing.Who knows?!
      > Sorry to hear about your keel tribulations!I usually stop the
      > hammer swings after the first unholy meeting of flesh and
      > steel.Must be something in the Bostonian water supply that allowed
      > to make it all the way to at least 5 hits.OUCH!! May I recommend a
      > robust and earthy red Bordeaux as an alternative to the faucet? :-)
      > Sincerely,
      > Peter Lenihan,ornithologically challenged but not for much
      > the shores of the blasted St.Lawrence.............
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