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9102Re: folding schooner in Aust.

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  • Richard Sharp
    Jan 1, 2001
      Great fun reading your emails. I finished my folding schooner in
      1978 (PB gave me sail number 17). When I was learning to sail it, I
      ran aground in the shallow water a lot. Both my bilgeboards got bent
      and cracked and eventually warped as well. I asked Phil B if he
      could suggest a fix. One day, after running aground again, one half
      of a board came flying out of the water next to the boat. I made new
      boards and ran a fiberglass strip along the bottom edge and made sure
      the board was slathered good with epoxy. Those new boards are about
      twenty years old now and are doing great! PB had replied that there
      was a similar warping problem on Dovekie boards. Have fun with your
      Rich Sharp
      --- In bolger@egroups.com, wattleweedooseeds@b... wrote:
      > G'day and happy new year to all. I snuck home early from Xmas
      > holidays at the beach to get into the glueing and screwing. for'ard
      > hull now has decks, mast step, and rails across the floors and
      > the insides for tieing down camping gear, anchors, etc. Most of my
      > initial bogging and sanding is done ready for glassing the outside.
      > Does anyone have any recomendations as to cloth weights to go with
      > epoxy?Q2 Any suggestions for sealants on the inner hull? I want to
      > seal this hull and hoist it into the rafters, then do the woodwork
      > the aft hull before glassing both hulls with lots of volunteers on
      > the promise of a beer and a feed from the Barbeque.
      > Q3 Would anybody like to share their experiences in regards to
      > centerboards and rudders only 1/2" thick? My first boat 25 years
      > had thicker boards on an 11" scow with 85' of sail. Has anybody had
      > one break? I'm willing to trust PB on this but it does'nt hurt to
      > On another note, Iwas able to buy some maranti last week that
      > 21' long, straight, and only 9.50 Au perlength. At another yard I
      > found some excellent Tassie Oak that had been mispriced. Merry Xmas
      > to me HO HO HO .Saved nearly 60%.
      > Cheers for now Paul Day aus3.
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