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8671Re: Winter Sailing Dinghy

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  • pongo19050@yahoo.com
    Dec 4, 2000
      --- In bolger@egroups.com, jboatguy@c... wrote:
      . . .
      > My suggestion? Bundle up. You’re going to have to anyway!
      > Wear something waterproof on top. And have fun!

      We have had a cold Fall here and just bundling up won't do it. I have
      been out in my sailing canoe the last two weekends and have had to
      deal with a thin skin of ice until I reached more brackish water.
      Yesterday my sheet froze in the clamcleat (I know - another reason
      not to cleat the sheet). I've been wearing my full farmer john
      wetsut. At least it makes for a dry canoe as what water comes over
      the gunnels freezes in the bottom.

      I do have fun doing my impersonation of an icebreaker.


      Andy Farquhar
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