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8649Re: [bolger] 12 volt power supply

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  • Jim Goeckermann
    Dec 2, 2000
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      I am sending this from a "12 volt power supply" - that is a battery bank
      that runs an inverter. In this case, the inverter is a large trace that
      makes a square wave. It works fine, and in fact powers our whole household
      including a computer based business that my wife runs. However, since your
      pc only needs 100 to 150 watts, a smaller inverter that makes a "sine wave"
      would be best. They are not too expensive. If your computer is a smaller
      laptop, one of the little convenience plug in inverters would work. i have
      one that I might be willing to ship you to try. Calling a local vendor tho
      sells photovoltaic pannels will get you going, but gather some prices as
      they vary greatly.

      fung42@... wrote:

      > greetings from south america,
      > I wonder if anyone has information on 12volt power supplies for
      > pentium computers, suitable for marine use..
      > Regards.
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