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  • freedem@excite.com
    Nov 15, 2000
      While I do not know what they are called, though I heard them called
      pullman? or train car windows there is a vertical sliding
      kindadjustable by astrap with eyeholes on a hook lowered they slip out
      of sight in protective bays the strap hiik on an inverted peg below
      the window so when the window needs to be all of the way up the strap
      is down in front

      having wrote that there is another solution On the bluebird
      schoolbusses the windows are split unto upper and lower halfs and
      spring loaded friction mechinisms hold them in place that gives you
      half ventalation and half clear glass. last sugention I use a
      backhow,(Case) it has triple windows ( three tracks) upper is outer
      most and hook or ratchets on each side. by lowering the midddle window
      then the upper window you get about 75 percent air space and the
      lowest part still lets light in

      --- In bolger@egroups.com, "Rick " <sctree@d...> wrote:
      > Thanks guys, my brain is begining to actually work.
      > David,
      > Wiley windows are great, I've built and used them. A piece of 1/4"
      > plywood with the center cut out and a screen stapled to it makes a
      > great bug screen.
      > They wont work in my application though. I've got a 24" x 24" window
      > with only 3" above it to the overhead.
      > Jim,
      > Good thoughts.
      > Trim on the outside I'd be worried about wind pressure pushing in
      > when
      > trailering, have to think on that one.
      > Swinging in and hanging from the overhead is restricted by the small
      > (4' X 6') pilothouse and five 24" x 24" windows, to crowded.
      > More suggestions welcome
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