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8375Re: Glass Bottomed Boats and June Bugs

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  • William Samson
    Nov 10, 2000

      When Peter Bevan had his website (now alas, gone)
      there was a pic of a glass (lexan?) bottomed Bolger
      Tortoise (6 foot punt). If I remember rightly it had
      a window built into the centre of the floor.

      Certainly an inexpensive boat to try out the concept

      Regarding the bottom of a June Bug, Bolger's latest
      version of the drawing gives an alternative 1/4" ply
      bottom with a 1/2" plywood 'shoe' extending the full
      length, about half the width of the bottom. This makes
      the bottom 3/4" thick in the middle. Adds some to the
      weight, but a lot less fragile on rocky shores. If I
      was doing it again, that's the version I'd go for.


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