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8368RE: [bolger] Re: Glass-bottomed boats

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  • Paul A. Lefebvre, Jr.
    Nov 9, 2000
      why not just dispense with the glass? Build the inverted funnel-shaped hood
      Stan suggests as a box of wood built right into the hull, kinda like a big
      centerboard trunk; make it higher than the normal waterline of the boat and
      it wouldn't need any glass and the complexities of sealing it, scratching,
      etc.... you could use plywood and glass/epoxy just like the rest of the
      boat. Make the top conform to the shape of a face, and put some pipe
      insulation foam around it to pad it; it'll look just like those viewing
      boxes Quahog shellfishermen use around here (Cape Cod) to look down into the
      water while wading around with their rakes, except they float theirs in
      innertubes, yours would have a boat built around it. Positive aspects: no
      glass to get scratched, no sealing problems, etc. Drawbacks - only one
      viewer at a time, and space taken up in the boat by a permanent

      Paul Lefebvre
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