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8140DIY Boat Design

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  • David Ryan
    Nov 1, 2000
      Chuck --

      Did you learn anything from your misadventure?

      I hold what I do for a living in pretty high regard, and am not
      inclined towards underestimating just what it takes to do anything
      professionally. Still, whether it's "written, produced, and directed
      by" or "I designed it and build it myself" the lure of authorship is
      nearly irresistible.

      I've set the Chesapeake sharpie restoration up as an obstacle to any
      new, larger projects. The deal I've made with myself is I can't start
      anything bigger than the Chesapeake until she's on a float, ready to
      hoist sail.

      The idea of the LS2(3) is pretty compelling. A year or so of boat
      building, a few weeks of idyllic family camping; all for only
      $5000-$10000. Stacks up pretty nicely to a Carnival Cruise or all the
      fun the auto makers' adds promise me if I give them the money instead.

      Still, for all my enthusiasm, I am cautious. The BIG BACKYARD BOAT is
      the classic folly, and I am not so over-endowed with either leisure
      or money as to engage in such folly without at least a little
      self-searching and reflection.

      In the meantime, drawing and fantasizing is delicious, far more fun
      than watching TV



      >Modifying plans is tricky. It is more prudent to find an existing design
      >that suits your needs. I once built a boat that I had designed myself. It
      >was a total disaster - a big waste of time and materials. I am not saying
      >that that will be your fate, but you might take a look at Jim Michalak's
      >> I am new to the group and I have never built a boat. I am finding the
      >> emails interesting to say the least. I have owned several
      >> "Tupperware" and metal boats, but I want to build one of my own. I
      >> want a Punt because of the flat bottom and the squared off ends. I
      >> like the simplicity of the Elegant Punt, but I need a larger boat.
      >> Therefore, I am considering the bastardization of a proven design. I
      >> bought the plans from "Dynamite" Payson for the Elegant Punt and I am
      >> playing with the idea of widening the beam from 37" to 46" across the
      >> bottom of the boat and lengthening the overall boat by 48".
      >> Additionally, I will probably leave the line of the shear, straight,
      >> instead of putting in the curve from the plans. I am in no way a
      >> physics or geometry major and it seems like some of you are (or should
      >> be). However, when I have made these changes to the plans and built
      >> them into models, the outcome looks like a boat I would like to fish
      >> out of on the local lakes, here, in Washington state.
      >> My concern, and or questions are whether or not increasing the width
      >> by @24% and the length by @52% will net a proportionate increase in
      >> the capacity of the boat?
      >> The displacement, according to the plans is 600 pounds. Therefore,
      >> widening the boat by 24% will increase the capacity to 744 pounds and
      >> lengthening the boat by 52% will increase the capacity to 1131 pounds?
      >> Right?????????
      >> Bolger rules!!!
      >> - no cursing
      >> - stay on topic
      >> - use punctuation
      >> - add your comments at the TOP and SIGN your posts
      >> - add some content: send "thanks!" and "ditto!" posts off-list.
      >Bolger rules!!!
      >- no cursing
      >- stay on topic
      >- use punctuation
      >- add your comments at the TOP and SIGN your posts
      >- add some content: send "thanks!" and "ditto!" posts off-list.

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