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8136Re: [bolger] Re: Doubling the Scooner Revisited - structure

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  • Jeff Gilbert
    Nov 1, 2000
      The bottom line is that wood is lighter than water in most cases.
      Unless you are using one of the very rare and expensive timbers
      that dont float, thickening the bottom strengthens your boat without
      ballasting it.
      However it may lower the boats center of gravity which i suppose could
      be cited as a "ballasting' effect.
      I have a dory hulled catamaran design with a 25mm ply bottom...the
      reason for it is it is a main structural element, it is both sole and
      and I want it to be capable of taking a bit of a gouge if beached
      where a rock shouldnt be but often is.
      This bottom is carefully bevelled to take the sloping sides.
      I reckon this sort of thick bottom, with 9mm ply sides
      and 12mm bulkheads can do without chine logs.
      Just an epoxy fillet inside after glueing.
      Any opinions.
      Jeff Gilbert.

      > > <<She is ballasted by a very thick (1 1/2")wood bottom.>>
      > > Is there any reason the same idea shouldn't apply to a small
      > > skiff---to use heavy ply for the bottom?
      > I think the reason is that it makes the boat heavier when it is on
      > land. And cost more, of course.
      > PHV

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