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8107Re: [bolger] Computing Displacement

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Nov 1, 2000
      Modifying plans is tricky. It is more prudent to find an existing design
      that suits your needs. I once built a boat that I had designed myself. It
      was a total disaster - a big waste of time and materials. I am not saying
      that that will be your fate, but you might take a look at Jim Michalak's


      > I am new to the group and I have never built a boat. I am finding the
      > emails interesting to say the least. I have owned several
      > "Tupperware" and metal boats, but I want to build one of my own. I
      > want a Punt because of the flat bottom and the squared off ends. I
      > like the simplicity of the Elegant Punt, but I need a larger boat.
      > Therefore, I am considering the bastardization of a proven design. I
      > bought the plans from "Dynamite" Payson for the Elegant Punt and I am
      > playing with the idea of widening the beam from 37" to 46" across the
      > bottom of the boat and lengthening the overall boat by 48".
      > Additionally, I will probably leave the line of the shear, straight,
      > instead of putting in the curve from the plans. I am in no way a
      > physics or geometry major and it seems like some of you are (or should
      > be). However, when I have made these changes to the plans and built
      > them into models, the outcome looks like a boat I would like to fish
      > out of on the local lakes, here, in Washington state.
      > My concern, and or questions are whether or not increasing the width
      > by @24% and the length by @52% will net a proportionate increase in
      > the capacity of the boat?
      > The displacement, according to the plans is 600 pounds. Therefore,
      > widening the boat by 24% will increase the capacity to 744 pounds and
      > lengthening the boat by 52% will increase the capacity to 1131 pounds?
      > Right?????????
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