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81[bolger] Re: sneakbox impressions

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  • G Carlson
    Aug 4, 1999
      It seems like I got 16 mph on my original Mariner 15, so I was hoping for
      25+ on my present Evinrude 25. With nothing in the boat but me, I can just
      get 22 on a good day with a light ripple on the water. Perfectly flat
      water is slower - 20-21. It suprised me that the speed potential was the
      same for either prop - maybe I need to split the difference, as I think the
      high-pitch prop is slightly lugging the rpm. I don't suspect I'm getting a
      good 25 either - what I may need is 35-40 horsepower where I can cruise at
      less than full throttle.

      Yes, our channel is the Kerr-Mclellan, which is the Verdigris River up here
      in Tulsa, OK, flowing to the Arkansas River down in Muskogee. We took our
      freedom down the river to the Mississippi and on down to new Orleans a
      couple of years ago. About 1000 miles.


      >Don't rely on me here, but I doubt if a fair bottom will get you near
      >30mph. Each successive unit of speed comes dearer than the last; a
      >wild guess says your gain will be pretty small (a 50% gain is
      >Is the performance near your expectations, or did you expect 30mph on
      >Also, how does she handle at manuevering speeds?
      >(Is that the Kerr-cLellan channel you speak of?)
      ><> wrote:
      >original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/bolger/?start=75
      >> Hi,
      >> The Sneakeasy is 4' wide (I think there is another boat by Jim
      >> called the Sneakbox), but is very stable. As with all Bolger's square
      >> boats, the chine extends out as far as you can stand. Standing on a
      >> gunnel, you would have a tough time pushing that chine, 20+ feet of
      >> down very far in the water. Initial stability is very high.
      >> I thought a lot about an inboard diesel in the Sneakeasy. I built it
      >> the navigation channel, with the first stop at 100 miles. Economy,
      >> and speed with the 2-cycle 25 are just OK. I had 2 props pitched at
      >13 and
      >> 15 inches (I think): both gave me the same speed - about 20 mph -
      >but the
      >> flat prop seem to run loud (high rpm) and burned all my gas (20 gal)
      >> the high pitch ran more quiet with about 1/3 less fuel at 100 miles.
      >> still want more like 30 mph, so I plan to fair the bottom and maybe
      >> horsepower.
      >> Yes, I can plot patterns.
      >> Gregg
      >> At 11:17 PM 8/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >> >I saw the Sneakbox on the Carlson Designs web page. Such a unique
      >> >charming boat. I've heard it's similar to the Tennessee and Idaho,
      >is that
      >> >correct?
      >> >
      >> >What is the beam of the Sneakbox? The narrowness of these things is
      >> >shocking, but I suppose if you widen it 8"-12" you'd really
      >compromise the
      >> >efficiency of the design.
      >> >
      >> >What is your reaction to building the Idaho with a full skeg and
      >> >inboard? I'm studying a 1200cc Subaru conversion, prop limited to
      >about 35
      >> >hp. Very light (230# all up) and compact. If space is not
      >prohibitive in
      >> >that skinny hull I'd like to use a 27 hp Universal diesel (under 350#
      >> >rigged. Imagine the range you would have!
      >> >
      >> >Say, Gregg, could you cut a set of patterns for a guy?
      >> >
      >> >
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