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7647Re: Need help finding a Bolger design

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  • Peter Vanderwaart
    Oct 8, 2000
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      > Tom Macnaughton in Maine has a couple of designs that might fit the
      > bill, though the two that I am thinking of are both steel.

      If we are going to list all the designer who deserve a look, I
      nominiate Ted Brewer (http://xanadu.ncia.com/~brewdes/power.html),
      and Scott Sprague (). Sprague worked for William Garden at one time,
      I believe.

      In Garden's Yacht Designs II there is a very big (much bigger than
      what was asked for) power dory that indicates one way to go for size
      and simplicity. Garden may have a smaller version. At the same
      overall size, it would be generally similar to Bolger's Solution 48.

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