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7644Re: Need help finding a Bolger design

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  • Matthew, Agnès & Fletcher Peillet-Long
    Oct 7, 2000
      Tom Macnaughton in Maine has a couple of designs that might fit the
      bill, though the two that I am thinking of are both steel.

      His Freighter Houseboat (a concept, not a completed design) is very
      interesting and almost Bolger in its simplicity, though PCB wouldn't
      like the outboard well. Be sure to go on to the second page for the
      interior plan and a nice little essay.


      His Puffin 36 (a stock design) is a mini-tug stretched to a mini-
      freighter. Very salty, and probably within the budget you describe,
      though certainly not cheap. Maybe you could carry some cargo to pay
      your way? ;-)


      Neat stuff!


      --- In bolger@egroups.com, NORDIC37@A... wrote:
      > Does anyone know of a Bolger design that meets the following
      > requirements?
      > I am planning to have a boat built for me. The operative words
      > here are economical (to build, maintain, and run), comfortable
      > (simple but not a hardship to stay 2 weeks on), and safe (the
      > New England waters can be unforgiving). I am looking for a
      > no-frills, diesel, raised pilothouse cruiser with a full diplacement
      > hull that will comfortably carry a couple, a 50# dog and an
      > occasional couple of guests. I am assuming the boat will be
      > about 38'-48', and displace well under 30,000# depending on
      > design/layout, etc.
      > The boat will be used for serious coastal
      > cruising, the Great Circle and maybe some blue water (but
      > probably not). I live on the Narragansett, which is often windy and
      > choppy, and I don't need to mention how fickle Buzzard's Bay can
      > be. I am hoping for a hull that will be easily driven to hull speed
      > with a small (30-50 hp) Sabb, China Diesel, or re-built GM. For
      > the sake of building cost and ease of maintenance, I am thinking
      > of glass over plywood and a simple, single chine or flatbottomed
      > hull. A small cockpit would be great to relax in. While aesthetics
      > are fairly low on my list, the boat can't be painful to look at. I'm
      > hoping to have the boat built, cruise-ready (less electronics,
      > safety gear, and nice touches) for about $50k. I will probably try to
      > source some of the systems (engine, electronics, etc.) myself
      > used in order to fit the budget. So we're talking Spartan here.
      > I am considering George Beuhler's Pilgrim 44, and a few of Jay
      > Benford's designs. I thought if anyone could design a cheap,
      > functional design, Bolger could. Does anyone know of a Bolger
      > design that I should consider? I have "Boats with an Open Mind,"
      > but nothing in there strikes me. Any tips on where I can find study
      > plans and a good builder in the Northeast is also helpful.
      > Thanks.
      > Glen
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