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7591Re: Starting a boat?

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  • Jake Millar
    Oct 3, 2000
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      --- In bolger@egroups.com, freedem@e... wrote:
      > Good Golly how did october get here? are there any other still
      > planning to start a boat for use this year and how many are going
      > build one over the winter for a spring launch?
      > happy October
      > jeffe

      I just started a Payson Pirogue. Hull's stitched together but have'nt
      started fillets or taping yet (maybe tomorrow). I just want to get
      the hull together then take my time finishing it out. Last winter's
      project was a Light Dory (love that boat!) The winter before was a
      Michalak Toto (just sold, hence the Pirogue). Before that I built a
      Minimum Kayak for my wife and several self designed kayaks for
      myself, borrowing heavily from the Minimum Kayak- a little longer a
      little wider etc.. Somewhere in there I built an Elegant Punt for my
      nephew. Jeez! This is starting to look like a resume! At any rate
      winter boatbuilding out in the garage has become an annual tradition.
      Thank god my wife does'nt ever expect to actually put her car in
      there! Jake
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