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7547Re: [bolger] Shop Lighting

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  • Harry W. James
    Sep 30, 2000
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      My shop has about 10.5' ceilings and is lit with fluorescent
      lights, they work well. The one thing that I really have going
      for me is every thing, including the floor is painted white. This
      makes an incredible difference. If I need more light on a
      specific spot ,I have a stand set of 2 500 watt Halogens to
      bring into play. I have not had to use them since finishing the
      John Ewing wrote:

      > Before I can actually build a boat (I'm thinking June Bug or
      > Surf), I must refinish a 16' cedar strip rowing boat. (Existing
      > epoxy is cloudy and rough, etc.) But before I can do the
      > refinishing, I must get some decent lighting to work by. My
      > garage/workshop is 27' long, 10' wide (going to 13' wide near
      > the front) and 12 feet high, with 8'-high, roll-up garage doors
      > that partially block overhead lighting when open. The area is
      > not very warm in winter as yet. How do others on the List light
      > similar shops? Fluorescent tubes? Incandescent or halogen
      > floods? Recommendations, please. I add that I had a couple of
      > the halogen worklights (the enclosed ones with the flat glass
      > fronts) up near the ceiling and in one the contact points for
      > the halogen tube just melted away. Has this happened to others?
      > Many thanksjce

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      % Harry welshman@...
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