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74[bolger] Re: sneakbox impressions

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Aug 3, 1999

      When I first bought the plans for the Tennessee that I built, I asked
      Bernie about an inboard for that boat. He thought that the boat was too
      quick and dirty to stand the investment of an inboard, but I still think it
      would be fun. I, personally don't build boats for financial considerations


      > I saw the Sneakbox on the Carlson Designs web page. Such a unique and
      > charming boat. I've heard it's similar to the Tennessee and Idaho, is
      > correct?
      > What is the beam of the Sneakbox? The narrowness of these things is just
      > shocking, but I suppose if you widen it 8"-12" you'd really compromise the
      > efficiency of the design.
      > What is your reaction to building the Idaho with a full skeg and amidships
      > inboard? I'm studying a 1200cc Subaru conversion, prop limited to about
      > hp. Very light (230# all up) and compact. If space is not prohibitive in
      > that skinny hull I'd like to use a 27 hp Universal diesel (under 350#
      > rigged. Imagine the range you would have!
      > Say, Gregg, could you cut a set of patterns for a guy?
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