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7087Re: [bolger] Re: Copper bottom treatment?

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  • Harry W. James
    Sep 3, 2000
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      A few more comments on copper bottom stuff

      Copperpoxy was mentioned a couple of times , but here it is again. It was sold by System Three , but spun off to a separate company a few years ago. Check out their web site at copperpoxy.com where they have customer feed back and application guide and other neat stuff.

      I think it would probably work pretty good in Northern climbs, and would probably be just the thing fo trailer boats that spend up to a month or two in the water anywhere, including Florida.

      The Company claims up to 10 years.

      I like the idea of the copper sheathing layed down with 5200. If I was planning a round the world type of cruising existence , I would give this one some serious thought.

      Copper plating was used by cruising yachts up until very recently, when antifouling paints were developed. . Eric Hiscocks 1st round the world Voyager had copper plating.


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