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7086Re: [bolger] Re: Big (but not HUGE) Sharpie - ANTISPRAY 48

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Sep 3, 2000
      > Oh, wow, we can hardly find time to work on the boat, let alone find
      > time to learn how to setup/update a website. On second thought, at
      > our current pace, updating such a site wouldn't take much....there
      > would be little to report!
      > I suppose having a website might be one way to keep pressure on us to
      > make progress.
      > Regards,
      > John & Susan

      Or in lieu of spending all that boat building time learning to make a web
      page, there are at least a couple of sites ( Square Boats, and Duckworks
      Magazine ) that would be happy to take your snap shots and reports and turn
      them into web pages for you. The list seems to be quite interested in

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