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7075Re: Ads on eGroups [#4861146]

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  • StepHydro@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2000
      Below, you ask a perfectly reasonable question; one that we ask ourselves.
      Then, (do you think that we can't figure these things out?) you answer a
      different question with a reasonable but irrelevant (to the question posed)

      Your answer tells us why we have to endure the ads, not whay they must be at
      the top. The real answer is likely to be something that you'd have a much
      harder time answering without embarrasment...that is if you gave your readers
      credit for being able to decode English sentences.

      Cheers/Step Hydro

      In a message dated 09/02/2000 12:<BR10:<BR47 AM
      Eastern Daylight, support@... writes:> Q. Why have you placed your
      ads at the top of my message?
      > A. eGroups is committed to offering you a high-quality, easy email
      > group service. As a business, we have two choices in paying for this
      > service: one, charge members for its use, or two, include targeted
      > text and HTML banner advertisements within emails sent to group
      > members. eGroups members have shown an overwhelming preference
      > for a free, ad-supported service...and that's what we've provided.